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A woman getting filler injection

Dermal Fillers

Restore volume, reduce wrinkles and enhance your facial features with this popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

The procedure itself typically takes around an hour or less, depending on the areas treated. The skin is usually numbed with a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the injections.

The filler is injected beneath the skin using a fine needle or a cannula, and the injector molds and massages the area to achieve the desired shape and symmetry.

Your dermal filler procedure will be performed by one of our Deluxe students, directly under the strict supervision of our qualified and experienced medical professional to minimise risks and achieve optimal results.


Lip Filler

Russian Lips

Smile Lines

Marionette Lines Filler

Chin Filler

Jawline Filler

Cheek Filler

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Tear Trough Filler

Ear Lobe Rejuvenation

BBL - Bum Lift & Contouring

£30 per ml

£35 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml

£30 per ml


for 50ml

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