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Become a 


Enjoy Affordable Treatments 

Being a model at DELUXE AESTHETICS is enabling our students to progress and obtain a qualification whilst giving you access to some fantastic great price treatments.

Demo Model – This treatment will be carried out by one of our Medics to teach our students the procedure. 

Botox Injections

Injectable treatments are administered by a student under the guidance and supervision of our trainers, who are qualified medical professionals.


We only charge cost of the product used exclusively on you.
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You can book your appointment online and pay safely through our multiple payment options offered on our website.


All products used by our students at Deluxe Aesthetics Academy are premium brands to insure high quality standards!




While our training academy aims for exceptional service, it's important to note that our students are in a learning phase. We value your patience and understanding during this process.

It's essential to recognize that our students receive training under the supervision of medical professionals, and treatments are only performed under their observation.

Occasionally, there might be scheduling delays on the day of your procedure. We are a fully operational training academy striving to accommodate everyone's requirements to the best of our ability.

Please keep in mind that all students are in training. We exclusively use quality branded products at our academy. Before commencing your treatment, all necessary consultation forms and terms and conditions will be signed.

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No Pets

No Children

No Friends & Family

No children, pets or additional friends and family (that are not booked in for a treatment that day) are permitted into our waiting room or treatment room.

If you are a carer or chaperon for a model booked in at the school please call the school and allow us to add this information to the booking so the staff are fully aware of the situation.

The training academy is a learning ground for our student. Our space is limited and additional noise affects the students learning so please do not book a appointment unless you can attend your appointment on your own.

Deluxe Aesthetics team members have the right to refuse entry if the above hasn’t been actioned.



  • You must sign a disclaimer form to allow the students to carry out their treatments on yourself.

  • All procedures are over looked by medical professionals.

  • No children, pets, additional friends/family (that are not booked in for a treatment that day) are permitted in the waiting room or treatment room.

  • Should any problems occur from the treatment, Deluxe Aesthetics waivers any responsibility as all treatments are carried out by students.

  • You will be at Deluxe Aesthetics for no longer than 1 . 5 hours

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